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Rides Needed
Available StartingUntilStarting PointDestinationForName
GoAug. 9, 2013OngoingSalmo, BCNelson, BCPeople Onlysarah
GoSep. 3, 2013OngoingCastlegar, BCNelson, BCPeople OnlyJaz
GoSep. 6, 2013OngoingNelson, BCNelson, BCPeople OnlyKat
GoSep. 6, 2013OngoingSalmo, BCLethbridge, ABPeople and Goodsalyssa
GoSep. 28, 2013OngoingVancouver, BCRevelstoke, BCPeople OnlyNatasha
GoDec. 9, 2013OngoingNelson, BCNelson, BCPeople OnlyMoe west
GoFeb. 3, 2014Ongoing, BCGolden, BCPeople OnlyNova
GoFeb. 5, 2014OngoingSlocan, BCNelson, BCPeople OnlyAli
GoFeb. 10, 2014OngoingWinlaw, BCNelson, BCPeople Onlymari
GoMar. 5, 2014OngoingWinlaw, BCNelson, BCPeople and GoodsDanu
Rides Offered
Available StartingUntilStarting PointDestinationForName
GoSep. 5, 2013OngoingRossland, BCCastlegar, BCPeople Onlyheather
GoJan. 16, 2014OngoingKaslo, BCNelson, BCPeople and GoodsNic
GoMay. 18, 2014OngoingGrand Forks, BCPenticton, BCPeople and Goodsjacquie
GoMay. 18, 2014OngoingTrail, BCSpokane, WAPeople OnlyTodd
GoMay. 18, 2014OngoingSpokane, WATrail, BCPeople and GoodsTodd
GoMay. 22, 2014OngoingNelson, BCAinsworth Hot Springs, BCPeople OnlyAaron
GoJun. 12, 2014OngoingNelson, BCFernie, BCPeople and GoodsDan
GoAug. 22, 2014OngoingSalmo, BCNelson, BCPeople OnlyAndrea
GoSep. 2, 2014OngoingNelson, BCCastlegar, BCPeople OnlySkar
GoSep. 21, 2014OngoingTrail, BCRichmond, BCPeople and GoodsTruckerman