Board of Directors
Candace Batycki, Secretary
Avery Deboer Smith, Treasurer
Greg Powell, Chair
Evan McKenzie

Alon Gelcer
Audry Durham 

Several EcoSociety Board members elected at the 2017 AGM.


Montana Burgess, Executive Director (on leave until Oct 2018)

Fiona Galbraith and Matthew Carroll, Co-Executive Directors &
(250) 354-1909

Jesse Woodward, Markets & Events Director
(250) 354-1909 x201

Erin Thompson, Community Engagement Coordinator
(250) 354-1909 x200

Rory Gallaugher, Research and Database Coordinator
(250) 354-1909 x202

Sarah Colvin, Community Organizer

Diana van Eyk, Wellness Coordinator (volunteer)

Larry Bridle, IT specialist (volunteer)

Clelie Chevrier, Bookkeeper 

Seasonal Summer Staff
Joanne Siderius, Kokanee Creek Nature Centre Education Program Coordinator

Heather ProchnauKokanee Creek Nature Centre Education Program Assistant

Heather LingKokanee Creek Nature Centre Coordinator

Rivka LandsbergOutreach Coordinator

Ben WhittonAssitant Events Coordinator

Alexis Heckley and Mason GarthKokanee Creek Nature Centre Clerks

EcoSociety Staff Team - summer 2017